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Designed by RFA professionals for RFA professionals.


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EnVogue replaces manual, paper-driven processes that lead to delays in new product development and execution. The result? Increased momentum, competitive advantage and decreased time-to- market.

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Small-to- medium sized RFAs have traditionally been underserved by existing enterprise product development software solutions due to prohibitive total cost of ownership. With its affordable, SaaS subscription model, EnVogue finally puts RFA software solutions within reach.

EnVogue is a Hero

2D/3D Pattern Data

2D/3D design and modeling is essential for organizations.

App Store

Access to productivity add-ons integrated with modules to create additional sales and revenue channels.

Cloud Hosted Solution

Subscribers have complete data control and “anytime, anywhere, any device” access.

Fashion Industry Specific

Designed by RFA industry professionals for the RFA industry.

Preloaded Data

Pre-loaded data such as points of measure (POM) and Colors significantly streamlines work cycles.

Open Source

Open source architecture enables building 3rd party productivity enhancements and tools.

Single Line Directories

Sourcing is exclusive to our network via Single-Line ads that are shared via the website and application.

Pay As You Go

Easier and quicker adoption with low(est) startup costs. SaaS is the future…

24x7 Support

Tech support included with subscription at no additional cost.

Fashion finally has an affordable and scalable solution that users are raving about!

Here’s what our users say:

EnVogue testimonial

“Other PLM brands were too generic, bland or too complex. They also required years to implements at a cost we could not afford. We were impressed with the best practices built into the EnVogue software and how the product could manage the complexity of products with 100’s of pieces and materials…”

Managing Director - Apparel Manufacturer
EnVogue testimonial

“It’s all about preparation. If you want to make a great product, you want to have visibility of all aspects of the product, and you really need to track it. When you’re operating under a lean development process like my company is, the more help you can get from systems like EnVogue that make the process more efficient, the better…”

Brand Design Manager - Sporting Goods Manufacturer
EnVogue testimonial

“Solutions like EnVogue are bringing order to the process. Whereas we’ve all grown technically from a manufacturing capability, I think the development side of things has always remained neglected and lagged behind industries that have embraced technology in all facets of their business. That is where EnVogue excels.”

Product Manager - Footwear Manufacturer

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