Women’s Swimwear Manufacturer


Women’s Swimwear Manufacturer

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Structuring Business Processes


Product Development & Manufacturing
Women’s Swimwear Manufacturer

About The Company

As a SMB designer and manufacturer of high-quality branded and private label fashion swimwear, Summer Swim creates high-style designs that look and feel great by the and on the catwalk. They offer a full line of eye-catching styles, fabrics and prints that stand out from the competition.


  • As a small design and manufacturer, the business relied exclusively on spreadsheets and email to manage and execute their business process.
  • Summer Swim had its critical design and manufacturing data dispersed on various desktops and often not available to those that need it.
  • Disconnected business applications and systems resulted in disconnected people – creating chaos and confusion. The lack of a centralized business system reduced visibility, speed and agility. They knew they needed to invest in a system that would improve operating efficiency, but they didn’t have the time or money it would require.
  • While they understood the value (standardizing business processes, improving collaboration between roles and teams, etc.) innovating could bring to their work environment and people, business innovation became secondary to new product development. Bouncing between various platforms and desktops continued to slow down productivity affecting top and bottom line growth. Their lack of innovation ended up becoming costly.


  • Summer Swim uses EnVogue to help them operate their business process in a structured and repeatable way using best practices. With this tool they have increased output across the organization and improved profits and on-time delivery.
  • By utilizing EnVogue’s Studio solutions, Summer Swim is able to significantly reduce redundancy and reiteration and optimize their Product Development work streams. It allows them to accurately identify and focus on their most productive activities, while eliminating the resources they were wasting in non-productive areas.
  • EnVogue delivers its solution in a scalable and affordable subscription model. As a small-scale shop, the flexibility of the EnVogue purchasing model has proven critical for Summer Swim. The company pays only for the features they require and consume. As they grow and find a need for additional capabilities, Summer Swim can subscribe to enhanced tool capabilities for added value, performance and speed.

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