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EnVogue is your affordable all-in-one solution to develop products and bring them to market on time.


Per User Per Month

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The complete plan to get you up and running and then some. Includes the PRO functionality and features plus access to limited Administrator rights, access to the App Store, access to discounted advertising via our integrated advertising portal and more.

  • Core PDM Functionalities
  • Access to Libraries & Directories
  • Administrator Rights
  • Access to App Store
  • Discounted Advertising
  • 24/7 Support


Per User Per Month


Have additional users you need to collaborate with but who don’t require admin rights and access to the app store and advertising? Include them in your plan at a discounted rate of $50/user/month.


Per Add-On Per Month


Add additional power to your punch with add-on studios available exclusively through the EnVogue App Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can you provide more detail about the “PRO” and “PRO+” pricing structures?

    If a new subscribing company requires only one subscription, that subscriber must have administrator rights and privileges which are only available at the PRO subscription level at a price of $100/user/month. Why? In order to get the most from the EnVogue solution, each account must have at least one Administrator to manage the software and how it is used within your organization. Plus, our PRO subscription gets you other great features like access to our app store and discounted advertising. What’s not to love about that?!?

    You can add additional subscribers to your PRO subscription for an additional $50 per user per month for each additional subscriber. These subscribers fall under our PRO+ plan and do not have administrator rights and privileges. It’s just one of the ways we help put the EnVogue solution within financial reach.

    While it is not mandatory, we recommend that you maintain one PRO subscription per 15 users to help you better manage the EnVogue solution and your users.

  • Can I pay in advance and receive discounted pricing?

    EnVogue offers one-year subscription agreements that are billed quarterly to subscribers. A discount of 5% is applied to all company subscriptions if paid in full at the time of initial or renewal subscription. All subscriptions (including additional subscriptions added later) must comply with the payment method selected by the subscribing company at time of initial or renewal subscription.

  • Can I reassign an existing license to a new user in the event that an employee leaves my company and I want to add a new hire?

    Yes. A subscription is not a named license and is therefore transferable to a new hire or other team member. Additionally, the subscription can be issued to an individual that is a contractor to your company. However, a subscription may not be issued or reissued to individuals or other business entities outside of you company and that do not comply with the Subscription Master Agreement Terms and Conditions.

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